Harvey’s Quay

Mixed Use development which will be best in class exemplar design which will contribute to placemaking and achieve greater integration between the built environment and the River Fergus.

Harevy's Quay

Proposed Development

The site is located in the heart of Ennis Town Centre.

The purpose of the project is to provide a high quality development in a prime location along the River Fergus capable of attracting people to Ennis Town and providing views of the river which is currently not visible to pedestrians.

The development will provide views of the river which will provide a high level of amenity for the people of Ennis and County Clare.

The key features of the development will be:

  • High quality development in a central location, with views directly onto the River Fergus and back to the Town Centre capable of attracting a range of users
  • Provide a a strong visual edge to the River Fergus
  • Proposed Boardwalk routes along the River Fergus and over the adjacent Post Office Field will encourage pedestrian activity and connectivity from Harmony Row

Aligned with Ennis 2040 Strategic Objectives

Ennis 2040 location for investment
Accessible place of Qualiy - Ennis 2040
A 10 minute town - Ennis 2040 strategy timing

Strategic Location

In The Heart of Ennis Town